Dear Wellness Professional,

I used to be in a constant state of worry when it came to my herbalism and health coaching practice. I had already taken the leap and was trying to “build my wings on the way down” or waiting for “the net to appear” or whatever, but I desperately needed to make ends meet so I didn’t have to get a job doing something I disliked.

I didn’t feel comfortable asking members of my community for money during the initial free session. I always felt like I was trying to trick people into working with me. And when I taught free workshops, I dreaded asking people to sign up for my free discovery session at the end because I knew it was just a ploy to get them to work with me and give me money.

Every time I met people at networking events I just couldn’t figure out how to tell them what I did in a way that would make them want to work with me. I wished I was a hairdresser or a dentist because everyone needed one of those.

In my mind I believed everyone needed a health coach –

But I didn’t know how to convince them…

And when the miraculous client did say yes to work with me it surprised and dumbfounded me everytime. “Why were they working with me?”, I wondered. I always had this nagging suspicion that they thought I was going to be able to help them. I mean, I wanted to. I wanted to tell them everything I had learned. But I wasn’t sure how it would work. There was a part of my brain that kept telling me I didn’t know what I was doing.

I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I knew that I needed to learn the business side of things…

I was already a trained herbalist, but I had no idea how to get clients. Was I supposed to ask my friends? How would people know about my services? I didn’t have a website or a business card.

IIN taught me to set up my website, get a business card, and create a 6­ month program where I charged $100-$250 per month for a “individualized coaching program”. When I graduated IIN in 2007 I had 12 paying clients. Not bad. Except, I had no idea what I was doing. There were details that I was so confused about such as what kind of notes to write and records to keep for my clients, how to set up my newsletter, what I should write about on my blog (especially when Dr. Mercola had already written it better), and how to set up payment processing.

I was terrified to talk about money with my clients and if they stopped paying or didn’t show up I didn’t know how to confront them. I just assumed they didn’t like what I was offering them and figured I sucked at it anyway, which was so embarrassing that I just let them slip through the cracks.

To say I’m afraid of sharing this with you is an understatement. But I want you to really get that I have achieved this. I’m not making it up.

In 2008 I made $8,871 health coaching. Not enough to get by. So I started a gourmet sauerkraut company and got a job at the food co-op to supplement my income.

In 2009, I made $11,148.05 health coaching.

2010 $13,936 – At this point I was seriously starting to question my ability as a health coach. Over the next couple years I realized it was my business acumen that was sorely lacking.

2011 I made a negligible amount from health coaching. I can’t even find anything from that year that shows me exactly how much. I didn’t know how to track my numbers, yet. I focused on my sauerkraut company while working at the Olympia Food Co-Op. I taught classes religiously and built my list to 1200 people.

In 2012 I made $62,713 after expenses. I created the Fermentationist Certification Program, which was a $70,000 launch. I was also focused on my Gut Rebuilding Program, which was a source of health coaching income.

In 2013 I made $117,330.

In 2014 I made $222,451.

In 2015 I made $212,894.

In 2016 I deposited $60,337 in the bank in the month of January alone. I had just completed my first six-figure launch.

Through learning how to run an online practice, I have sent out 1 email and made over $10,000 from it. I have had single days both this year and last where I made $37,000 in the bank—not just contracted sales. I have done $12,000, $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, and $100,000+ launches. (A launch is the promotion of a program over the course of 3-6 weeks and when the doors close the program begins).

Let me be clear. It is weird telling you my private financial information.

I’ve had more than 500 people go through my Probiotic Power Cleanse. My Gut Rebuilding Program has had over 250 participants. I even sold my gourmet sauerkraut company for a respectable amount — a huge milestone in a business
owner’s life!

I’m really proud of these achievements. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I wanted to give up…

You may read these numbers and think, “Ok, yeah, but she’s got a certification program and that’s how she reached 6­ figures.” But the truth is I make more than 6 figures on my Gut Rebuilding and Probiotic Power Cleanse combined. I have always wanted to mentor nutrition nerds and other healers, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that work until I had achieved my own personal success in business. I needed to see for myself that it is possible to have a successful wellness practice as a practitioner who doesn’t hold a license.

I have no plans to stop doing the work as a wellness professional. I love working with my private clients, leading my three live Gut Rebuilding calls each month, and running my Probiotic Power Cleanse. The amount of experience I have helping guide people to better health is more than a service — it is a powerful gift that I have spent years cultivating to the point where I feel clear and confident working with people in a way that is so different from those early years of starting my business.

Many failed health coaches switch professions. Or become a business coach because they think that business coaches can charge more because they can justify it by promising their clients that they can make more money by working with them. This drives me crazy.

I’m here to work with the badass healers of the world.

Big hearts, passion up to your eyeballs, & ambition.

Sure, you get afraid, feel guilty, and enter into a state of hopelessness from time to time, but we’re all human, right?!

In your moments of clarity, you know you can change the world by helping people get healthier, get in touch with their intuition, deepen their awareness, and get over old trauma. You know in your bones that we are all part of one big community and when we are healthy as individuals, that whole is healthier, too. You know and trust that part of having a peaceful world and a healthy environment stems from the personal choices you make, and these choices ripple out into the world and magnify when you help more and more people make these same healthy choices.

You love good chocolate, healthy food, moving your body, and being with your loved ones. But above all you value freedom—the freedom to make your own decisions, create your own schedule, and work from anywhere.

I know all of this because I am you.

I have worked my ass off since 2006 to realize my dream of having freedom. I get to work in my yoga pants after a good night’s sleep. I have leisurely lunch breaks and stop work everyday around 3pm to go ride my mountain bike. I travel to ski and mountain bike across the country and my business keeps running. I make money in my sleep often waking up to hundreds or thousands of dollars of purchases for my programs and products from a multitude of countries all over the world.

I started out unsure about business. I didn’t know how to be a professional. I didn’t realize that I had to embrace business and become a professional in order to get the kind of freedom that I’m talking about.

I used to resist scheduling. I wanted CONTROL of my whole life so I tried to keep my schedule open and airy so I could be spontaneous and free. I felt cramped and stuck inside a packed schedule. I resisted being on time. I needed things to “feel right” so I would finish things at my own pace with no regards for others’ deadlines. I basically tried to get a secondhand version of freedom by being rebellious in my business. This was my biggest obstacle to success. The one thing I wanted — freedom — was the thing that was self­-destructing everything I built. I had to develop integrity. I had to learn how to get real freedom.

Here’s what I learned (and what I’m going to teach you):

Money does give you freedom, but it has to be ENOUGH money. Seriously, once I learned this magic number, I got clear what I was working towards.

Becoming a professional is the fastest path to freedom. When you are a pro at what you do, you can charge higher rates, people take you more seriously, and you get more clients. There are a few things out of the gate that will help you not only become perceived as a professional, but help you feel more in touch with your internal “pro” that will help guide you to success.

Mastering your schedule will actually free up more of your time. It can feel counter intuitive and for me was painful as all get out, but it truly works.

You can’t do it alone. Setting up your business to have an assistant helping you is essential for most practitioner’s freedom. You need to be able to take off work for a few weeks and not leave your clients hanging. Learning how to hire the right people is essential to creating a business that doesn’t tie you to the desk.

You won’t love every moment of running your business. It can bring you to the edge of panic, the midst of tears, and test your people skills. But once you master these things you fall completely in love with your career and this amazing thing you’ve created. If you stay clear, focused, and walk the talk your clients will love watching you evolve into the highest version of yourself.

Business is the art of self­-mastery. The more you master yourself, your mindset and your habits, the more money you will make. You will become a master of boundaries, self-­worth, and deservability.

You have to master your relationship with money. You have to learn how to track it, how to ask for it, how to attract it, and how to create an energetic exchange between you and your clients that feels good for everyone involved. You also have to create a payment system that works for you—just like each person requires different nutritional needs through bio individuality, each person has a unique way of needing to get nourishment from their business. Finding your own unique way is essential to becoming a stand out professional in your work.

You have to know what you are selling. What is your program? What do you charge? What steps will your clients take? What results can you promise? How do you know you can deliver? These are necessary building blocks of creating a solid business.

Focus. Most people try to come up with all kinds of ideas and throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick; each of these ideas is a business of it’s own. I wish someone had told me that. I had to figure it out the hard way. Each program I created was a business and had its own set of procedures, payment plans, customer service needs, etc. Focus has been the most important ingredient to freedom that I’ve come across. I can help you focus on the idea that will feed your passion and bank account.

I will show you all of these things in detail in The Showcase Club. I will use real examples from Showcase member’s clients and do demonstrations with you to help get your phrasing down — from how to handle an initial session with a close friend who is in a health crisis or how to create a mutual commitment with a new client that allows you to pour your heart into healing without having to worry about getting burned by them not showing up for a future session.

I have now fallen in love with doing business. I love running my company. I love being in control. I love making all the decisions. In the beginning these were all the things that terrified me, but now these are the things that give me more and more freedom, more acknowledgment, and more exposure.

I no longer have to deal with that split between “healer” and “professional” that was keeping me confused and stuck about accepting money for the work I love when my biggest motivator is making the world a better place.

I understand the intersection between being a healer and being a business woman. Our capitalist society is not a healthy society. But even a midst that society you get to have a healthy business. In fact, now that you understand health and know how to have a healthy life for yourself and teach others to do so, your next challenge is to get your business into a healthy state where it pays you (very well) to do what you love, supports you, and builds your future.

Your healthy business is proof positive that the world is becoming a healthier place because it means you are reaching more people and teaching them to make better decisions.

I’ve done it and I want you to do the same!…

I came from being completely broke, sick, and broken, to being healthy and wealthy on all levels.

It’s your turn.

The Showcase Club members who make the decision to do the work they love and get paid for it have taken the first step. The second step is to get the support to break through all the obstacles and mental barriers that are keeping you stuck. Those of you who step up in the Showcase Club for a hot seat will speed ahead in your business thanks to the laser focused coaching. In the hot seat you’ll get the clarity to make the right decisions that will get you the clients you need to build your experience and become a true professional.

I never knew I wanted to be a professional. I thought that meant that I had to wear suits and pumps and get up early. But now I realize that I get to put on my yoga pants and be a professional and make great money—all without having to ask someone else’s permission to go skiing next week. Woohoo!

This is my real life. I love it. And I want you to have this, too. There are trillions of dollars spent each year in the U.S. on health care. You only need a drop of that to thrive in your life. Let’s get your business healthy so you can cash in on the work you love to do.